Just ordinary people who live in an ordinary town.  The problem is that there are  no ordinary people who live in an  ordinary town.   The spirit of any community is its people and they are certainly never ordinary. 

Bandon is a town in County Cork, Ireland.   It is situated by the River Bandon.   In Irish is Droichead na Banndan, which means the bridge of the River Bandon.  Bandon is a thriving market town of farmers, doctors, teachers, artists, writers, joiners, clerks, fathers, mothers, council workers, and many others.

Is there anything more compelling than a great story after all it is what we as human beings do.    We love a great story.   What could be more impacting than the stories of our communities and this is what The Flavours Of Bandon is.   The stories of the Bandon Community.

These are the tales of the people of Bandon because the spirit of Bandon lies in its people.  It is the stories of the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick maker.  If the community is engaged in unleashing the stories then virtually by definition… the story has at its heart power.   The power to dismantle distortions and preconception.   Stories offer medicine both to the teller and to the listener.  So folks, let us take you on a journey to meet some of the unsung heroes of the town.